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The role of NCTCOG is to promote the System Plan in such a way that the national and regional communities are aware of the plan and its recommendations and provide the necessary support to ensure a viable aviation system into the future. This includes contacting a variety of national and regional stakeholders through the appropriate outlets to garner support and resources. As such, the System Plan is not intended to become obsolete by 2035, but rather be used as a base for future planning and development within the region.

During the five years of study, an enormous amount of aviation information was gathered for multiple purposes, including extensive modeling to develop recommendations for expanding and sustaining GA in North Central Texas over the next 25 years. Development recommendations are presented in the System Plan according to geographic subregions, so that the information and potential impacts are useful to local communities.

In order for stakeholders to fully utilize the findings, the System Plan must be made available through effective communication channels, such as:

  • This website and its links to reports, mapping, and recommendations
  • Community meetings
  • Stakeholder briefings
  • Media briefings and general news releases
  • Industry organizations
  • Economic development advocates

Please review the Implementation Plan or contact NCTCOG for advice on connecting to stakeholders, additional materials, or presentation opportunities or review.

Airport Sponsor Implementation: Capacity Planning

Capacity threshold planning for airports is important because the time gap between the initiation of capacity enhancement projects and their actual completion should account for the length of time required to actually fund and build-out improvements or new facilities. When airport capacity reaches 60 percent, the sponsor should begin the planning for expansion in order to start construction at 80 percent capacity. To act accordingly ensures that the airport will not reach 100 percent capacity.

For North Central Texas, the System Plan, regional and local master plans, and follow-on system planning efforts constitute the on-going planning function. The significance of the 80 percent capacity threshold is demonstrated in North Central Texas by the number of airports in the System Plan that are anticipated to exceed their capacity by 2035.

If privately-owned airports were not included in the System Plan, additional airports would exceed 80 percent of Annual Service Volume (ASV) capacity by 2035. Some airports are constrained from expanding by their existing property lines. Moreover, some facilities can be expected to exceed their landside development capacity by 2035. Thus capacity must be increased at other airports. Again, because of the length of time that is required to expand or build new facilities, future planning must be on-going and proactive, not reactive.

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